Director, China Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer Center

Dr. Guozhong Rui is the Director of the China Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer Center (CPTTC), the Deputy Chairman of the China Technological Start-up Association of Ministry of S&T and the Secretary General of China Biopharma Parks Alliance. He also serves as Executive Secretary-General of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Promotion Association and Editor in Chief of the Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology Economics & Management. He has 26 years of extensive experience in biomedical and pharmaceutical innovation, technology transfer, commercialization and industrialization. He has facilitated many pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and investment organizations to successfully accomplish clinical studies, drug registration, technology evaluation and transfer, as well as financing and acquisition of hundreds of projects. He has formulated acclaimed development plans for more than ten biomedical technology industry parks. Dr. Rui has been appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a project evaluation expert for the Torch Program and the Technology SME Fund. He has been a visiting professor at many universities and research institutions in China, and a technology management advisor or independent director at several pharmaceutical companies. He is a senior expert of pharmaceutical technology economics and management in China and has been honored frequently with awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Beijing Municipal Government. Dr. Rui received his B.S. degree in public health from Peking University Health Science Center, M.S. degree in hospital management & health economics, and Ph.D. degree in technology economics and management.

Guozhong Rui, PhD